Saturday, September 24, 2011

Rinni's Playground Sells The Cutest Dolls

...ZOM฿iE Dolls & Loads of Wicked Cuteness
 Rinni's Playground is an Etsy store that sells all types of cute creations. My eye got caught on little plush Zombie dolls that were offered in a Giveaway. They are the cutest! I had to share, in case anyone else was interested in these Wicked Little Things.

VooDoo Zombie

Pickle, the button jointed cucumber Kitty

Roamer, sweet wool, Jackalope plush, rabbit

Josephine, faceless art doll, cloth doll, OOAK

Frankenstein kitty

The owner is even open to creating a custom made creation just for you!

If you want a little Zombie Voodoo Doll of your own, or another twisted creation,
visit  Rinni's Playground. Check out the store for yourself, your bound to find something that you LOVE!

also, you can visit Rinni's Playground blog


  1. Hi Cassandra - Thanks so much for doing a blog post feature on my sister Rinni. I'm glad you liked her zombie critters. My favorite has definitely been the pig - Bacon - thus far. Though I hear she has a Penguin in mind. She's making some awesome black cats for Halloween also - I think she might even have it in her Practical Magic blog post tomorrow! Thanks again for stopping by! Best of luck in her zombie bunny giveaway!!

    Pabkins of

  2. Thanks, I'll definitely check back. I think the piggie is cute too. Good thing your sister has you to talk about her creations. I'm sure a lot of people found her through you :)

  3. Very sweet. I wish I had seen that giveaway!
    I'l have to look into it further after the PM party.

  4. Renni is a truly gifted woman!

    And of course I'll grab your monkey!

  5. ツ She really is, I wish I had her talent.
    Thanks for grabbing my wicked monkey Magaly! Can't wait for the fun times ahead at the ALL HALLOW's GRIM Blog Party!

  6. Thank you for featuring my shop!! I am lucky to have Pabkins as a sister! She's awesome! Now I'm off to check out your PM post!

  7. Thank you Rinni for your giveaway and sharing your wicked creations with us! Pabkins is the best :)