Monday, January 6, 2014

Haters, Stop Hatin' on Vampire Academy Movie!

All READERS and FANS of the books need to support the movie!
Vampire Academy is one of my FAVORITE YA paranormal romance series!

Some of the comments "fans" have are truly hateful and damaging to those involved in making the movie. The producers, writers, directors...they are all trying their best to bring the movie to life and keep it as close to the book as possible. Try to remember reading the books--there were very dark and serious moments, but the thing we all love about Rose is that she if FUNNY!!! She makes jokes all the time! That was what we saw in the clip and what we will surely see throughout the movie, but it does not represent the whole. Every negative comment gets seen and taken into consideration when choosing whether or not to see the movie. If this movie makes no money, and keeps getting all this hate from fans, we most likely will not get any more movies. So, take a step back and really think about it.

Every person imagines it different in their head, not everyone is going to be satisfied with everything. Keep an open mind and go watch it for yourself. I can't wait to see the movies.

And remember, the actors, Richelle Mead and all the people who worked so hard on the movie have FEELINGS and they read/hear about what you write. had an awesome blog post titled Honesty Hour:Vampire Academy Movie and they were pleading with fans to please stop with the RUDE comments. Have an opinion, but keep it respectful and don't hurt the movie and the people that are trying to give us an amazing experience in the theaters.
If you loved the series and want more, there is a spin-off series, Bloodlines, which follows right after Last Sacrifice left off.  Sydney, the Alchemist is the narrator!
Have fun reading and show your support,