Friday, July 18, 2014

Painting and Drinking!!!

Every now and then, my friends and I like to do something fun.
We saw these deals repeatedly popping up on Living Social and Groupon for Painting and Drinking.

We went back and forth for months trying to find a painting that we could all agree looked good. Every one of us had a different opinion about what actually looked good. So it went on for months. Finally, we just decided to pick one and just do it. The first place we went to was Wine and Design Williamsburg in JUNE.  It was everyone's first time EVER painting. Here are the results...

Beach Sunrise
My one cloud looks a little slanted, but overall it looks pretty good for a first time painting.
At Wine and Dine Williamsburg, it was BYOB, so I brought 3 bottles of wine and my friends brought the food (chicken fingers and strawberry parfaits).
We enjoyed it so much that we decided we would do it again. So, the second place we tried was tonight at Paint Nite Virginia Beach. It was at PBR, so we ordered drinks and food at the bar.
We were painting Baby Big Eyes. Here are the results...
Baby Big Eyes


 Pictures of the paintings from me and my friends
 Everyone's painting looks similar but each one has its own personality.
You could choose to do your own thing and change anything at any time.
So, no painting looked exactly the same :)
 The top left is my painting in both pictures.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Happy Birthday Casey!

I am always happy, as long as I'm with you.
I hope you get everything you wish for.
Thank you for giving me my wish today.

There is no other face in my heart.
For all eternity, there will only be you.
Have a Happy Birthday!