Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"Seffy's Nightmare " All Hallow's Grim Blog Party 2011


Apocalypse Babes

Have you ever wondered
about time-travel, wormholes, parallel universes, alternate dimensions...

Imagine what it would be like to be snatched out of your comfortable existence
and thrown into a strange version of "the real world".
Everything seems familiar, but something is a bit off.

Seffy and her friends were just suddenly blasted from 2006 West Hollywood and landed in 1980 Montana. They remember Montana. They used to live there. The only thing is this version of Montana has glittering sand and pink skies... There is also, some people walking around that seem to be sick or something. They moan, and shamble, and really want to take a bite of them.

They couldn't be the z word  could they???


They group must find a way home to their own version of reality and get out of this one. But how? What is going on and how can there possibly be zombies existing for real?

A mysterious stranger comes to the rescue of the gang just as things get intense and escape seems impossible. His name is Malone, and he seems to know what's up and knows how to use a gun. They are wary of this new stranger, but follow him, cuz what else can they do?

Malone seems like such a suspicious character, but he feeds Seffy and her friends and finds shelter for them. He even clothes disco duds, but it's 1980.  There's a commotion outside the door. Could there really be people out there? Survivors? or are they just blood puppets (infected). Do they open the door or just ignore?
Those people might really need some help out there...

What about romance?
Is there any time for that in a world with the walking dead just around the corner? What would happen if you made out with a guy that may be blood puppet?
Would you be infected?
Is there a cure? Seffy might be in trouble with that one...


Fast Forward...

Strapped down to tables, being experimented on, hallucinogenic drugs, alien visitations, blood dreams, guys in hazmat suits, laboratories, tainted food, toxic blood, psychotic girlfriends, traumatic pasts revealed, new love, lots of guns, death...

Welcome to Seffy’s Nightmare!

Who can you trust?


The Apocalypse Babes series by Bella Street

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Book 2: The X Factor
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                      Book 6: Apocalypse For Realz              
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  1. You had me at "blood dreams". Guess what I'm reading next?

  2. Yeah, I've had a few myself...
    ☣ Apocalypse Babes Rock it Hard!

  3. Great post! Love the black and white "mysterious stranger" picture, leave so much up to the imagination (and boy is mine running in a wicked direction).

    Thanks for the shout out!

    I downloaded the first book the other day, now I just have to find time to sit and read something other than blogs ;)

    Great AHG post!

  4. Awesome! (I just love the phrase "blood puppet.")

  5. Cmoh, if u got a thing for Malone, that would make you Lani.
    Summer, I agree, "blood puppet" is a great phrase ;)

  6. Looks like you're having a bloody great time at the All Hallow's Grim celebration, love the post, not sure about making out with a zom though, don't bit's of them fall off? I guess I move at the same pace as them as I've never been sporty & they seem to have supa strength, AND work well in groups, so not all bad, green though, not sure about the all green skin job ;) Now I have to go look at the buck horror - looks enticing!

  7. I'll have to put in my vote for "blood puppet." That really caught my eye. Very unique.

    Loving the storyline too--getting on my Nook now to download it. :)

  8. YAY! You're gonna be so HOOKED on this series!!!

  9. I use to WANT to go to a parallel universe. Now I'm not so sure,lol! Your tale ROCKS! Deb

  10. Excellent post! The one picture, of all the hands going up the wall, scares the "H" out of me! I guess I know what I am reading next ;o)

  11. That's right! Grab The Z Word by Bella Street!
    The Apocalypse Babes series is my biggest OBSESSION right now ☠ No reason not to grab a copy cuz it's FREAKIN' FREE EVERYWHERE!

    ZOM฿iES ☣ and Paranormal Romance!!! What more could you want???

  12. I love finding new series to read... I'll definitely be checking this one out!