Sunday, September 30, 2012

Latter-Day of The Dead by Kevin Krohn

FAVORITE BOOK of 2012!!!
latter-day of the dead
Synopsis from Goodreads:
Harrowing cries escaped the contorted faces of our flock. End of Days was a known truth but never a faced reality. Once the madness broke...we feared it would never subside.


I was excited reading from beginning to end. I love the way it all began...right into the action, with Benjamin and his love bite :) and I very much love Elias with his describing everything in two words.

If I had to describe why i even wanted to read this SO BAD in two words, I would probably use: polygamist and ZOMBiES!!!

YES, YES, YES!!! I seriously have NO other words. So awesome, and the cover is just so creepy. I'm glad it says Book One, because that means there will be a Book Two. There has to be AT LEAST the spirit of Elias. So, I will wait impatiently for the next one.

I just stumbled across this book one day and THANK GOD i did...always happens that way. The books I just happen to hear about randomly from some place i have never visited before turns out to be the book that ends up in my FAVORTIES pile! There was a giveaway going on , I entered and then found another giveaway on and entered that as well (upping my chance to get a copy in my hands). I figured my chances were pretty good to win a copy, but I really couldn't wait to read it so I bought one on AMAZON from spiralboundpublishing. So, I ended up having two copies, both signed! One went to my ZOMBiE boyfriend, and I have the other one :)

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Sunday, September 2, 2012

CURE (Strandville Zombie series, #1) by Belinda Frisch

Synopsis from Goodreads:
Welcome to the Nixon Healing and Research Center, playground for the maniacal Dr. Howard Nixon whose cancer research has him dabbling in the undead. When he kidnaps the wrong test subject, Miranda Penton, a rescue team releases more than the captive women. It unleashes a lethal infection which turns its victims into mindless, flesh-hungry mob. Inseminated with a zombie fetus, Miranda wrestles with an uncertain outcome while trying to get away with her life.

The virus is spreading and must be contained. The center is going into lock-down. The group's get away is threatened by a homicidal security guard and a raging storm. The town of Strandville is ground zero for the zombie apocalypse and Miranda must escape because the fate of humanity lies with her unborn child.
My Review:
That was crazy--very descriptive with all the blood and feces...
Psycho doctor searching for a cure for cancer, inseminating women with the sperm of zombies...yep, that's exactly what is going on in this book. Dr. Nixon says his experiments are all about "saving people from needless death and suffering". He claims to be a healer looking for a cure, but he reminded me more of Dr. Heiter working on his "First Sequence" of his Human Centipede. He is sinister and heartless and extinguishes anyone that gets in his way.

On the last page, I kept clicking the next page button on my kindle app, thinking my laptop froze...nope, that was really how it ended. I recommend reading this one. I could really envision it all in my head. It would make a great movie.
Plenty of blood and leakage of the anal kind everywhere...good stuff!
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