Friday, September 16, 2011

Eating Human Brains Leads to "Laughing Disease"

I'd still eat HUMAN BRAINS...

Apparently, you can get KURU, from eating human brains... I already knew that eating human brains could possibly lead to disease. I don't really care, I'd still try it. Some tribes out there actually eat the human flesh and/or brains of their fellow tribesmen who have passed away. It's a tradition and they do it to show respect for their dead... A way to keep their peeps with them forever. But, eating human brains is a great way to get this crazy BAD disease called KURU. There is NO cure or way to treat it. The word kuru comes from the word "kuria/guria" ("to shake"), picture that. If you have kuru, you experience tremors or "the shiver", headaches, become depressed, have problems walking...
Yes, that sounds like a ZOM฿iE

Also, you may get spontaneous, sporadic bursts of laughter. Kuru is also known as "laughing sickness". That's crazy! Members of the Fore tribe in Papua New Guinea are world famous for transmitting Kuru amongst its members through cannibalism.

Check out OMG Fact - that's where I heard about this.
Then, you might like to wiki this for yourself.

Watch me eat BRAINS here  


  1. Yeah it's pretty crazy. It's actually from the abnormal prion in our brain transferring to the other person and then destroying their brain. I suppose it's a good way for the dead guy to get his final revenge.
    I don't think I'd like to eat brains, the texture looks like it'd be unpleasant. lol

  2. It has been my wish for so long, I had to do it. I was expecting a totally different taste. ☺ Now, I know why people eat it for breakfast... I'd do it again with GLEE!

  3. i have tried eating a human brain.. it actually makes me brighter for some reason.. i can now solve and remember things easily

  4. i've eaten brains, but not human. i wonder if that tastes like sausage as well... i'm up for it.