Monday, September 19, 2011

Everybody Check It Out! That's ME on Inside Martin: The Official Website of Novelist Martin Lastrapes

Remember Martin Lastrapes' fascinating Guest Post here?
So does he...lots of good memories
See, no worries. Martin's fine--he let me take that finger.

If you need a refresher on "the gruesome results", click here
to find out what really happened when I kidnapped Martin Lastrapes.

Check out his Awesome site Inside Martin


Buy Inside the Outside

I wouldn't be talking about it if I didn't absolutely L-O-V-E it.
This is after all about my Wicked Obsessions...
And let me tell you, I'm OBSESSED!

PSSST! Come closer, it's a secret
You can check out Inside the Outside in serialized form on
Who knows how long that will be there? Better check it out now.

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Amazon paperback and Kindle
B&N paperback and NOOK

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Goodreads: Author Profile

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