Sunday, September 11, 2011

Everyone Vote 4 Seffy ❤ She's an Apocalypse Babe!

 Supernatural Smackdown

Seffy Carter

There is a Supernatural Smackdown going on between Bella Street's Seffy Carter and Alexandra Ivy's Uriel. I'm dedicated and devoted to the Apocalypse Babes, which is obvious if you've taken a look at my posts. Everyone needs to vote for the baddest, wickedest chick there is, Seffy Carter. She has been blasted to the 80's, landed in a world with zombies, made out with a blood puppet and lived, been brought back to life, time-traveled back to the present and fought off psychos trying to KILL her, and had alien encounters--all while swearing by a pink Juicy Couture tracksuit! This chick has some super, crazy, mad survival skills...she's underestimated by her  friends and everyone else in the world. Seffy is a Fighter!

Show Seffy some L-O-V-E    Vote for her!

Seffy Rocks Hard   
For the whole month of September, Seffy and Uriel will be slamming it out.
Vote for the Apocalypse Babe!

VOTE 4 Seffy Carter here

✖☻✖☻ Apocalypse Babes Forever ✖☻✖☻

 Supernatural Smackdown hosted by Parajunkee and Dark Faerie Tales 

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