Friday, September 16, 2011

KumBaYa Much (Apocalypse Babes Book 4) is OUT NOW!


Synopsis from Goodreads:
When a mysterious faction at the Fugere compound resorts to extreme measures for crowd control, problems intensify, threatening not only life and limb, but the already fragile estate between the Apocalypse Babes and the Others--especially as things heat up between Seffy and Trent.

That was faster than I expected actually. I'm just totally OBSESSED! We were only introduced to the Book 4 cover of KumBaYa Much earlier this week via Bella Streets Writes and Bella Streets' Goodreads account. I admit to checking Amazon periodically to see if it has been released yet. Well, in the wee hours of the morning ~5am, I checked and it was there! I seriously did a double take and then clicked that purchase button. Then, I looked in my Kindle library and it was there! I got it on Amazon Kindle for .99 cents, and checked everywhere else and that was the only place that had KumBaYa Much. But, since this morning, smashwords has got it as well for $1.00. WooHoo! I love the Apocalypse Babes series by Bella Street.

Bella Street dedicated KumBaYa Much to ME!

Inside it says:
For Cassandra Pearson

#1 FAN of Bella Street 

Everyone grab your copy of KumBaYa Much!
Now that I have Book 4, I'm already eagerly awaiting Book 5, Bite Me.

Get KumBaYa Much (Apocalypse Babes Book 4) on Kindle
Get KumBaYa Much (Apocalypse Babes Book 4) on smashwords
Come on Bite Me, PLEASE hurry and come out SOON...

For those that have not read the Apocalypse Babes series:
Book 1: The Z Word is FREE everywhere for now
         FREE on smashwords
FREE on Kindle


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