Monday, August 20, 2012

Show Me Your ZOMBiE FACE!!

Jack Gnarly wants to see your ZOMBiE Face...

I have several...

download links are available on Gnarly's Soundcloud

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Friday, August 3, 2012

I'm on the Website of Martin Lastrapes AGAIN!!!

Okay, I am seriously NOT a stalker or anything...

But, I am once again connected to Martin Lastrapes! SUCCESS!!!

Last time he freaking left me his finger as a souvenur because he knew how much of a dedicated fan I was, he's so nice.

I make another appearance on his Website!!! 
A while back, Martin did a  Guest Post over here    
had to kinda kidnap him to get it, but...

Check it out, that's ME
To view this post click here.

As you know, I absolutely LOVE Inside the Outside.

I'm super excited Martin has another novel coming out.
This one will be a VAMPIRE NOVEL called The Vampire, The Hunter, and the Girl !
Can't wait for that!
The First two chapters from that novel

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twitter: MartinLastrapes
Goodreads: Author Profile

Sail by AWOLNATION + funny kitty

So, I really like this song Sail by AWOLNATION.
This little kitty must have heard it a time or two as well.

Watch it "slow move to the rythym of this sweet sound"  
(Marcy Playground - No One's Boy, another song I love)

Pussycat has got perfect timing
and is very dramatic...


Here is the Official Music Video
with the FULL song