Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Best Present of 2013 - Skeletons!

My bestie got me what I really wanted...

Me and my doggie Sookie love the SKELE!

~Bye Bye 2013~

A Shade of Vampire - Best NEW Series of 2013!

This year, I was introduced to a new book series, A Shade of Vampire by Bella Forrest.

Book 1, A Shade of Vampire
It's Sofia's birthday and all she wants is attention from her bestie Ben, who she also has a major crush on. But he's giving some other chick all of his attention, so Sofia goes off on her own for a stroll on the beach. She meets a handsome stranger (Lucas) that turns out to be a vampire who kidnaps her as a gift to his brother Derek, ruler of The Shade. She isn't the only girl that gets kidnapped for Derek, but she is the one that is special...

Book 1 is short (150 pages), but the rest of the books are fuller.
Best series of 2013

The way I found out about the series was because the Author, Bella Forrest, contacted me and asked if I would read and review the first book. I did and became instantly hooked. There are 6 books in all. Only 5 are out currently. The last book, #6 will be titled An End of Night...can't wait for that one.

Gets to reading, you'll love em'.
Bella Forrest