Monday, September 19, 2011

Confession: I am Addicted to Crack...

 Nail Polish! 
What did you think? 

I am in love

So, I overheard some ladies talking so animatedly one day about "crack" nail polish. The name was so interesting that I stopped to listen. I love nail polish, so I really couldn't help myself. I was curious, but kept my distance... The next day, as I was walking in Target, pretty colors in the distance caught my eye. I walked towards the eye candy and to my delight, I saw what appeared to be "crack" polish. The brand I saw was called "texture coat" from Nicole by OPI

There are many different names (Krakl, Shatter, Crackle, Texture...) for this type of polish and there are several different brands. I purchased a few of them. So far, Nicole by OPI "texture coat" brand is the best. It's thick and comes out exactly like this picture. The other brands I have purchased advertise to look like this picture but when applied, look nothing like it. I'm going to keep looking for other great "crack" polishes.

 I bought:
1st place - Nicole by OPI - the absolute BEST!
2nd place - Pure Ice "Crackle" - the cheapest
3rd place - Absolute!  - NO, don't you dare!

I FOUND my "crack":
Nicole by OPI @ Target
Pure Ice @ Walgreens
Absolute @ Beauty Supply store

These are my nails after I applied BLACK crack polish over ORANGE nail color...
I used Nicole by OPI brand

How to apply:
Put two coats of any polish, let nails dry
Apply ONE coat of crack polish, let dry - it's like MAGIC, disappearing
Apply clear top coat to dry nails

With Nicole by OPI, one regular coat is perfect
With any other "crack" brand, you need to lay that ONE coat thick to get same result


  1. Hhmm, I may have to try some crack! I love the green/black picture, it looks zombie like!

  2. It is so beautiful to look at... I just keep looking at my hands. That green color, I've only seen with Pure Ice brand. You gotta lay the crack polish on thick though, but only use ONE coat. If you do it thin, it will look like a weird, streaky thing...not cute.

  3. I love the green one, natch. It's zombish!