Monday, October 24, 2011

I'm an Apocalypse Babe, & this is HOWE WE ROCK... promised
Rocking that PiNK JUiCY with my WiCKED VOODOO

I'm ready to battle ZOM฿iES

This is the velour tracksuit I won from Bella Street's "Spread The Z Word" Contest.
It's JUiCY Couture (hella 'spensive) & so freakin' HOT, they had to write it 4 times!

Check out Bella Street's post


Those of you that love those feather extensions in my hair...
It was made by my friend Sara. She makes ART and SELLS it too.

Here is some of her work, with more to come...

And that's NOT all.
My girl Sara has friends that make AWESOME jewelery!

Jacki Rock and Nikkie Howe
They have an Etsy store called

How COOL are their names???
Seriously check it out!
These girls have WiCKED talent and the pieces they make are AFFORDABLE!

Here is a sample


Howe We Rock, 2 girls based in Virginia.
Everything is handmade and one of a kind.
These girls try to Keep it Green
They do their best to re-use, upcycle and recycle products :)


  1. You look pretty tough there, lady :)

  2. ツ Thanks Robo ☣ I'm tryin'...
    Gotta get those blood puppets!

  3. You really are rocking the Pink Juicy!! <3

    LOVE the jewelery! I've been looking for someone who can make a piece of jewelery from my book. Do you think they'd be interested??

  4. Roxy, that's so freaking COOL!!! I'm sure they'll FREAK OUT in a good way. That's great exposure and I will def ask them about it :)