Monday, August 8, 2016

i heart KiCKBOXiNG 'n Healthier 2016

We tried kickboxing this summer!!!

I always wanted to try it and the opportunity popped up on facebook. I saw an advertisement for 3 classes for $9.99 and free gloves, grabbed my girls and jumped on it. I was a little nervous, but excited at the same time.

The first class was rough and i thought i might throw up, but i held it in. The next two classes were better but still very intense. Each class starts off with running, high knees and "butt kicks"'s really hard to kick your own butt while running.

Then, we do some crazy ish... (can't recall all the proper names for these moves)
-hollow holds
-shoulders off ground, keeping legs 6 inches off ground and HOLDING IT
-sit ups, push ups, squats, squat holds, burpees, and lots of exercises working your core.

You will sweat!
You will try to cheat!

THEN, it's bag time...punch it, kick it!
The instructors model the set of moves and then you do them. 
After each class, we take group photos.

             We had fun! 

It sounds impressive to say "I tried kickboxing."

Overall, it's an awesome workout and you'll be sore. 

Me and my little crew only did the trial membership and bounced after that because the VIP membership was close to $149 or $179 a month (big numbers blend together) and I NO CAN DO THAT!

Since February 2016 - I have a gym membership---taking zumba and bodyjam. I used to get violently sick after zumba, but I think my body has adapted. I don't wheeze anymore +. Doc says the labs look better +. Maybe i'll shed a few pounds +.

I'm also making fruit and veggie smoothies with my "Black Friday" Ninja blender buy. I gotta cut the coke and drink more of these smoothies. Hopefully my health will continue to improve.


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