Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Apocalypse Babes, I Can't Get You Out of My Head!

Apocalypse Babes, I Can't Get You Out of My Head!
Therefore, I give you another Teaser...

Teaser 2:
↳ an excerpt from Ch. 6 of The Z Word (Apocalypse Babes) 

“So, ladies...” They both turned with unsteady movements at the sound of Malone's voice. “Tell me why you think your clothes are old fashioned.” Seffy tossed him a sloppy smile. “I'm sure they were just the thing in their time.” “Their time,” he said. “As opposed to what time?” She concentrated to follow his line of thinking. “You know, modern times.” “Modern times?” “Is there an echo in here?” Addison burst out laughing. “Now times. Two thousand...two thousand...” Seffy tapped her forehead. “God, you're stupid. And deceitful and a liar and—” “Addison, what year is it?” Malone demanded. She glared at him for interrupting her. “It's 2006. Is everyone here as stupid as Seffy?” She snorted. “Stupid Seffy, Seffy Stupid—” “Hey!” Seffy protested. Her anger dissolved when she saw Malone slide out from under Lani and stand, a feral gleam in his eye. Someone hammered on the door. Seffy and Addison jumped in unison. Gareth groaned and forced his eyes open. Lani was dead to the world. Seffy watched with bleary eyes as Malone grabbed the rifle and stalked to the door. More knocks came, frantic. “Is anyone in there? Help us!” “Zombies!” breathed Addison. Seffy grimaced. “No sush thing.” Addison shooed her with her hand. “Oh go find your happy place!” “Help us, please! There are things after us!”Gareth struggled to his feet, his tired face tense. “Sounds like there's some breathers out there.” “More like a bunch of blood puppets,” Malone muttered. A long scream on the other side of the door went a long way to sober Seffy up. “Let them in, Malone!” “Brace yourselves,” he said in his harsh voice, then unlocked the door and pulled it open a crack. He stumbled backward from the force of several terrified people crashing their way in. The sound of nearby moaning sent shivers up Seffy's arms. She looked at the bedraggled newcomers. They didn't appear retro so maybe they were okay. “Don't let them in!” Addison yelled.

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Apocalypse Babes

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