Friday, August 26, 2011

"It's Not Like It's The End of The World"

Teaser 1:
 an excerpt from Ch. 1 of The Z Word (Apocalypse Babes)

 “Are you listening to me, Sef? This doesn't have to be awkward.” Seffy nodded reluctantly, wishing Verity had found a different tanning salon, a different hair stylist...a different guy. And it wasn't just Gareth who'd apparently hopped on the Verity train. Seffy's besties, Lani and Addison, also thought Verity was all that and a damn bag of chips. What's she got that I haven't? Wait, don't answer that. Verity shifted her feet, knocking over her can of Diet Rockstar. Seffy watched the liquid travel toward the outlet where the tanning bed was plugged in, trying to make sense of the panic burgeoning within her. There was something about the new girl that wasn't right—something almost threatening in her manner. Seffy played with the J on the zipper pull of her pink Juicy Couture hoodie, annoyed by her melodramatic thoughts. God, it's like I'm still in high school. I have got to get a handle on this. Besides, I need to get my head straight if I'm going to nail my audition in the morning. The thought of that appointment made her stomach cramp. Verity tilted her head, her blue eyes emphatic. “And we can be honest, right?” Yeah, if I were honest I'd tell her off. “Um, sure.” “The thing is, Gareth prefers a whole woman.” Seffy felt her mouth open. What the hell? The interloper opened her blue eyes wide, as if stating the obvious. Verity is whole? What does that make me? “I'm sure you knew that already, Sef, so c'mon.” She poked her with a French-manicured finger. “It's not like it's the end of the world.” Seffy pulled so hard on the J it snapped in her hand. She stared at the pink crystal encrusted charm, still stunned by the blonde's words. Not the end of the world? Gareth doesn't think I'm whole? Suddenly a flash of white light eclipsed Verity from sight. Before Seffy could react, a tremendous force hurtled her backwards, followed by a terrifying weightlessness which could only end badly. Seffy's head swam as she sailed through the atmosphere. The velocity of her descent increased and ground whooshed up to meet her. She threw out her hands to break her fall. Crunching her eyes closed, she let out a keening cuss word. The ground came closer still. WHUMP! Seffy landed hard, the breath rushing from her lungs. The impact made her eyes water. Coiling herself up in a ball, she gasped for air in between coughing spasms. After several excruciating moments, her lungs began to slowly inflate. What the hell happened? Did the salon explode? The pain ricocheting throughout her huddled frame made coherent thought difficult. With her eyes squeezed shut, she lay on the ground sipping the oxygen in measured amounts. It smelled funny. Like burnt ozone, sharp and metallic...with a hint of almond. Seffy finally unscrunched her eyes to get her bearings. The first thing she noticed was the sky. Pearly pink light shimmered overhead and the sun was a neon magenta color. Turning her head, she saw what appeared to be a tract of desert, with a bit of smoldering rubble in the distance. Where the hell was West Hollywood?

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  1. This is so oddly familiar! LOL Love the blog, lady!