Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The "Apocalypse Babes" series by Bella Street

Author Bella Street has a great book series called the Apocalypse Babes. Book 1 is The Z Word and it totally got me hooked on the series. I stumbled across The Z Word while on Goodreads. I saw that it was a free read on smashwords and that it had ZOMBIES--which i absolutely L-O-V-E, so I decided to give it a shot. And WHOOOO...I am so glad I did. I was a bit skeptical about whether or not I would like this book because I've never read straight Horror, which I was assuming this was and I am into paranormal romance. I'm so glad I was wrong. Bella Street describes her books as "Romance with a touch of weird". That is the perfect description for the Apocalypse Babes series (because I have read all 3 books that are out right now). Who knew zombies and romance could fit?! This series is definitely PARANORMAL ROMANCE for anyone who is wondering.  The Z Word (Apocalypse Babes Book 1) is currently FREE on smashwords, NOOK, and kindle so you have no reason NOT to grab a copy A.S.A.P.  Visit to get to know more about Bella Street.

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NOW...check out my reviews for the Apocalypse Babes Books 1, 2, and 3!


I enjoyed The Z Word so much that I just can't stop talking about it...
It starts with Seffy and her friends in West Hollywood 2006 one minute, and after an explosion of some sort, they appear in the Montana dessert, with pink skies and glittery sand. They are confused and there isn't anyone else around to fill in the blanks. They soon realize that they aren't the only ones around, there are dead people walking trying to take a bite out of them--ZOMBIES...wearing 80's clothing. Seffy believes she's dreaming, Lani is singing songs, Addison is making jokes and Gareth is using his zombie movie knowledge to try to get them through this strange world alive. Seffy and her friends are scared but are soon rescued by a man named Malone. The bunch are mistrustful of him, but what can they do? They don't know what's going on...and he seems to know what he is doing. He feeds them and takes them from safehouse to safehouse... You'll have to read the book to find out what happens. I STRONGLY recommend reading this book. As the story ended, i was left screaming What? What's gonna happen now? It's a good thing I had The X Factor (Apocalypse Babes Book 2) to read or else I'm pretty sure my brain would have fallen out.

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We start where we left off in The Z Word...the Apocalypse babes are still at the Compound in Montana. Seffy is strapped to an exam table. She is finally let out, but not by who she would have expected. She seems to be fading from the people she is closest to and getting closer to Trent...unexpected. She is having nightmares...or are they real? She wakes with scratches, bruises all over her body. Seffy's friends are acting strange and distant towards her. Seffy has gone through some very tough stuff, everyone seems to forget that. One person in particular seems to always be there, not the person she wishes it was...but he is always there for her.

I will say that Addison is my least favorite person out of the Apocalypse Babes. She doesn't seem to like Seffy at all...even from the very beginning. I have always hated her. I keep trying to see if she shows any king of love toward Seffy and I don't ever see it. She is definitely a Frenemy. TRENT TRENT TRENT...I am really loving TRENT right now. He shows a lot more of himself in The X Factor and he's a very like-able person. Definitely my new favorite person.

The X Factor ends with another feeling of WHAT? NO WAY..It ends like that? But luckily I've got Book 3 iRobotronic!!! You must read the Apocalypse Babes books...especially if u like Zombies or are into Paranormal Romance. U Will ♡ it!!!


I am 100% Addicted...Oh My Goodness!!!
Seffy is transported back to WeHo 2006--it worked...but she understands very quickly that this is NOT the place she lived and that the whole "parallel universe" thing is real. Her moment of being overjoyed at being back to the present is short-lived when she realizes people are trying to KILL her!Seffy has to figure out a way to get all the things on her "list" and STAY ALIVE O_o In this alternate world, Seffy
There is loads of action in iRobotronic.
Seffy and Trent become closer from the fact that he is ALWAYS there (looking out for her)...even when she doesn't want him to be. I LOVE *Trent* and I think he is just the perfect guy for her. How can she even think about anyone else? Why can't she see it? I will take him if she doesn't want him :)

I will definitely be looking out for Books 4 and 5 of the Apocalypse Babes, called KumBaYah Much, and Bite Me, which should be out very soon :) Can't Wait! I am definitely OBSESSED...I am so glad i read this series!

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Happy Reading!

Just for FUN...Natalia Kills has a song called "Zombie".
It's one of my favorite songs and is constantly on repeat... 
it hard!
Since, we're talking about The Z Word, here it is...and enjoy!

                                                        I'm in with a ZOM฿iE ¸¸.•¨¯•.
                                         and i want him to bite me, cuz i know i'm gon' like it....

                                         The Z Word (Apocalypse Babes) by Bella Street
                                                ✖☻✖☻ Apocalypse Babes ✖☻✖☻

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